Sonobeat Records

The beginning of the Austin music scene

Explore Austin music in the '60s and '70s

As an integral seed of the Austin music revolution that began in the mid-'60s, Sonobeat's prodigious output introduced Johnny Winter, Eric Johnson, Rusty Wier, the Afro-Caravan, and dozens of other luminary Texas musicians to the world.

Our exclusive access to Sonobeat's private archives – which includes Sonobeat's original master tape recordings, photographs, and documents long thought lost – provides a unique look back into the diverse and dynamic Central Texas music scene from the mid-'60s through the mid-'70s, when Austin first staked its claim to "Live Music Capital of the World".

A truly eclectic label, Sonobeat recorded artists performing in diverse genres – from rock to blues to jazz to country, and more. The Sonobeat story features dozens of talented artists who've made music history in Austin.

Whether you're newly initiated into Austin's rich musical heritage or were part of its '60s and '70s music scene, we offer stories and rare sound bites that will take you back almost 50 years.

Through Sonobeat's eyes and ears, step back in time to revisit artists who helped create and shape today's Austin music scene.

What's "Sonobeat"? Where did it come from and what did it do?

Sonobeat was an Austin, Texas, record company in the 1960s and 1970s. Select History from the drop-down menu at the top of any page for a year-by-year breakdown of the Sonobeat story, starting in 1964.

How can I find an artist Sonobeat recorded?

The Artists drop-down menu at the top of each page can take you directly to any specific artist page or to the main artist page, where you can sort on select categories or directly select a specific artist Sonobeat recorded.

Where can I get full recordings of Sonobeat artists?

Sonobeat's vinyl singles and albums have been out of print for almost four decades. You may be able to find a rare copy on eBay or record collector auction sites. And, we're rolling out digitally restored and remastered reissues of select Sonobeat recordings, starting with Sonobeat releases from back in the '60s. The first reissues were in 2014, via the iTunes and Amazon Digital Music stores, there are two more this month, and still more are on the way. If there's a digital reissue available, there's a link on the specific artist page.

Give me some Sonobeat trivia!

Thanks for asking. Slip over to our Pop Quiz, in the Features section, for some doozies.

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Sonobeat celebrates its fresh website with two new digital reissues in September 2015

Plymouth Rock's 1969 Sonobeat single, Memorandum and Just a Start, the only monaural single Sonobeat ever released and out-of-print for 45 years, arrives in a digitally restored and remastered stereo remix.

Sonobeat's first album release, 1968's Jazz to the Third Power by the Lee Arlano Trio, returns in a digitally restored and remastered reissue with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Both reissues will be available September 4, 2015, in the iTunes and Amazon Digital Music stores.

Ever wonder what's on our bookshelf, what we read and recommend?

Flip through Sonobeat's bookshelves (and we won't even look over your shoulder). Here we give you our take on the most interesting books about the Austin and Central Texas music scene in the '60s and '70s, back when Sonobeat was actively recording and releasing vinyl records.

There are true stories (A Gathering of Promises), Austin-based historical fiction (19th and University), a pictorial history of Austin music poster art (Homegrown), and even a book about us (Sonobeat Records: Pioneering the Austin Sound in the '60s). Here's what we've read and what makes each of these books unique.

Featured Artists from the '60s