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d The armadillo has been associated with the Austin music scene since the late 1960s but came to full prominence as the namesake and mascot of Armadillo World Headquarters, the iconic Austin music hall that opened in summer 1970. The distinctive illustrations of the armor-shelled mammal that adorned Armadillo World Headquarters are the creation of legendary Austin artist Jim Franklin.

The beginning of the Austin music scene

(Re)discover the roots of Austin music

Sonobeat Records: The Beginning of the Austin Music Scene

Austin music starts here!

Only in Austin can you find Austin City Limits, SXSW, and an Afro-jazz-to-Zydeco musical night life. In the late '60s and early '70s, Austin music already sizzles with it's own brand of psychedelic rock, progressive country, and jazz fusion, fueled by 40,000 University of Texas students, a booming high school garage band scene, and the center of Texas government. Here are the roots of Austin music.

Yesterday Once More: 1970

Back in time 50 years!

Once again, please time travel with us back 50 years to Austin, Texas, birthplace of Sonobeat Records. While we're reliving a slice of Austin's storied past, we also take a look at what's happening in 1970 in the U.S. and the world. Things like Vulcan Gas Company's closing and Armadillo World Headquarters' opening, the ill-fated Apollo 13 moon mission, and more. It's Yesterday Once More...

Sonobeat Milestones

Scan through Sonobeat's history

Sonobeat Records documented the Austin music scene from the mid-'60s to the mid-'70s, releasing dozens of phonograph records by Austin, Central Texas, and world artists. Sonobeat Milestones is a fun and easy-to-navigate timeline through Sonobeat's history – date-by-date and event-by-event – with quick links to stories of artists Sonobeat recorded. It's like a zipline through Austin's music history!

Happenin’s around Sonobeat

Ralphy Y. Michaels Elevators Collection

Celebrating the 13th Floor Elevators

The 13th Floor Elevators are mid-'60s psychedelic rock pioneers. "Head"-quartered in Austin, Texas, also home to Sonobeat Records, the 'Vators play all the local venues. We offer a bit of Elevators' history in our exclusive Ralph Y. Michaels Elevators Collection. It's a mind-blowing trip back to Austin in the '60s.

Plymouth Rock's Memorandum

Did you get our Memorandum?

We mean the 50th anniversary remastered edition of Plymouth Rock's 1969 Sonobeat single, Memorandum. Now available in a fresh stereo remix, the sparkling new Apple Digital Master of Memorandum is available worldwide on iTunes and Apple Music as well as on dozens of digital download and streaming platforms.

Discoveries: Sonobeat '70s artist spotlight

From Sweetarts to Fast Cotton

One of Austin's hottest '60s party and club bands, the Sweetarts, morphs into a larger, more dynamic musical force in 1970: Fast Cotton. With a new set list mixing blues-rock covers with originals, Fast Cotton is Sonobeat Records' big hope for a breakthrough act as both the band and Sonobeat enter the 1970s.

All the Artists Sonobeat recorded in 1970

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