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Austin and the world in 1970
Sonobeat Records
d The armadillo has been associated with the Austin music scene since the late 1960s but came to full prominence as the namesake and mascot of Armadillo World Headquarters, the iconic Austin music hall that opened in summer 1970. The distinctive illustrations of the armor-shelled mammal that adorned Armadillo World Headquarters are the creation of legendary Austin artist Jim Franklin.

The beginning of the Austin music scene

(Re)discover the roots of Austin music

Celebrating Austin's Black Music Heritage: James Polk and the Brothers

Celebrating James Polk and the Brothers

Dr. James Polk plays jazz. With a passion. The Austin Jazz Society's Hall of Famer, keyboardist extraordinare, and bona fide Austin music legend has spent most of his adult life performing joyous music throughout the U.S. Born in Yoakum, Texas, but making Austin his home since 1959, Sonobeat Records releases a funky single by his '60s band, James Polk and the Brothers (plus some sisters), in 1969.

Celebrating Austin's Black Music Heritage: Wali and the Afro-Caravan

Celebrating Wali and the Afro-Caravan

Originally from the Bronx, Wali Rahman does his military service at Austin's Bergstrom Air Force Base in the late '60s. During his off-duty hours, wali brings together a band of fellow Black airmen who pioneer Afro-jazz in Austin's thriving '60s club scene. We're honored release a single in 1968 and album in 1970 by Wali and the Afro-Caravan that to this day are considered percussion-driven Afro-jazz classics.

Celebrating Austin's Black Music Heritage: Jean Manor

Celebrating Jean Manor

Lesser known today than deserved, Austin blues-rock pioneer Jean Manor begins playing Austin's nascent nightclub scene in 1959, forming Jean and the Rollettes. An accomplished, self-taught rhythm and blues guitarist, Jean continues to perform until around 1990. Sonobeat records a Jean Manor original, Sorry 'Bout That Shuffle, circa 1970, that shows off Jean's wicked blues guitar licks and top notch band.

Celebrating Austin's Black Music Heritage: Geneva and Her Gentlemen

Celebrating Geneva and Her Gentlemen

Smooth jazz makes Geneva and Her Gentlemen among the most popular acts in Austin, Texas, during the 1960s and '70s. House band at Austin's tony Club Seville at the Sheraton Crest Hotel (now The LINE Austin), in 1969 Sonobeat is fortunate to record five tracks showcasing the trio's musical talents. We lose band headliner Geneva Rawlins in June 2020 but will forever celebrate her life in music.

DCelebrating Austin's Black Music Heritage: Royal Light Singers

Celebrating The Royal Light Singers

The Royal Light Singers, one of America's most enduring gospel groups, records two singles for Sonobeat in 1971, one commercially released and one a custom issue for sale exclusively at the group's performances. Dating from 1946, today the Austin-based group is called The Sensational Royal Lights and performs a repertoire of classic and original Christian songs throughout Texas.

Ralphy Y. Michaels Elevators Collection

Celebrating the 13th Floor Elevators

The 13th Floor Elevators are bona-fide psychedelic rock pioneers in the mid-'60s. "Head"-quartered in Austin, Texas, also home to Sonobeat Records, the Elevators performs throughout Texas as well as at San Francisco's iconic Avalon Ballroom. We offer a bit of Elevators' history in our exclusive Ralph Y. Michaels Elevators Collection. It's a mind-blowing trip back to Austin in the '60s.

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