The Conqueroo
The classic 1968 Sonobeat single
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d The armadillo has been associated with the Austin music scene since the late 1960s but came to full prominence as the namesake and mascot of Armadillo World Headquarters, the iconic Austin music hall that opened in summer 1970. The distinctive illustrations of the armor-shelled mammal that adorned Armadillo World Headquarters are the creation of legendary Austin artist Jim Franklin.

The beginning of the Austin music scene

(Re)discover the roots of Austin music

The Conqueroo digital reissues

The Conqueroo Redux

It's been 52 years coming, but one of Austin's most beloved '60s and '70s bands, jazz-rock-folk-blues fusion pioneers The Conqueroo gets its digital due. We're proud to reissue a restored and remastered edition of the band's 1968 Sonobeat single, 1 To 3 b/w I've Got Time, now available on music download and streaming services worldwide.

Sonobeat Records: The beginning of the Austin music scene

The beginning of the Austin music scene

Sonobeat Records launches in 1967, just as Austin's nascent music scene is feeling its first growing pains. Through hundreds of recordings of Austin, Central Texas, and national and international acts, Sonobeat documents one of the most exciting eras in Austin music history. Join us on a trip back to the beginning of the Austin music scene.

Pop Quiz

Whadda ya know?

Know who Sonobeat recorded first, back in 1967? Or where Sonobeat's final recording studio was located? Our Pop Quiz will challenge your knowledge of Sonobeat and Austin music history in the '60s and '70s. Even if you don't know all the answers, this is an illuminating way to trip back to the beginning of the Austin music scene.

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