jess DeMaine

Austin, Texas

Records with Sonobeat in 1971, 1972 & 1973
No commercial releases on Sonobeat Records
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Jess DeMaine's official headshot (1972)

Austin, Texas, country singer/songwriter Jess DeMaine (Fred Frieling Jr.'s stage name) records at Sonobeat studios on North Lamar in Austin, Texas, beginning in November 1971 and continues, off and on, into 1973. The sessions, produced and engineered by Sonobeat co-founder Bill Josey Sr., demonstrate Jess' impressive vocal talents. Jess is a frequent spotlight performer, as front man for the Country Music Revue, at Austin's Dessau Hall and the Broken Spoke.

Although Jess's first Sonobeat sessions are in 1971, he records four more tracks at Sonobeat in 1972 and 1973. His minimalist performance – just guitar and vocal – of the Jerry Foster/Bill Rice songs Hand of Hurt and Your Kind of Man certainly show off Jess' powerful and expressive voice. In one version of Hand of Hurt (recorded with a band this time, almost certainly Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue, with whom Jess records at Sonobeat in 1972), Jess is coached by a band member before launching into the song. Bill Sr. apparently never creates mono or stereo mix-downs of these songs; only the original half-inch 4-track session master tapes are in the Sonobeat archives.

Partially paralyzed in a motorcycle accident later in the '70s, Jess overcomes the disability and goes on to write the George Strait country hit Love Comes From The Other Side Of Town and the children's song Little Cowpoke. In 2005, Jess is inducted into the Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame, established in 1988 in the south Austin suburb of Manchaca but now located in nearby San Marcos, Texas. Jess, under his real name, Fred, presently serves as director of the Hearts In Spirit band at Christ Lutheran Church in Austin.

Jess DeMaine personnel

Jess DeMaine: guitar and vocals
Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue: backing band
   Larry Gentry: bass
   Carl Gertz: steel guitar
   Tommy Hill: guitar and vocals
   Benny McArthur: lead guitar
   George Rodriguez: drums

Unreleased Sonobeat recordings

Hand of Hurt
The La La Song
Your Kind of Man
Unidentified song

Produced and engineered by Bill Josey Sr.
Recorded at Sonobeat Studios, 705 North Lamar, Austin, Texas, October 29, 1972
Recording equipment: ElectroVoice Slimair 636 microphones, Sony ECM22 electret condenser microphones, Scully 280 half-inch 4-track tape deck, custom 16-channel 4-bus mixing console, Fairchild Lumiten 663ST optical compressor, Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton 9-band stereo graphic equalizer, custom steel plate stereo reverb, Ampex 681 tape stock

These are new stereo versions made by Sonobeat Historical Archives from the original half-inch 4-track session master tapes plus an extra little treat from the archives


In 2011 the Texas legislature designates Western Swing as the official music of the Lone Star State. Western Swing is a mash-up of Dixieland jazz, polka, and folk/country. Put on your dancin' boots.
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A half-inch tape master of Jess's Sonobeat recordings (1972)
A display ad appearing in the entertainment section of the Austin Statesman newspaper, circa 1971