jeannine Hoke

Central Texas

Records with Sonobeat in 1976
One commercial 45 RPM release on Sonobeat Records (1976)
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It's spring 1976 in rural Liberty Hill, Texas, 35 miles north of Austin. It's here, at Sonobeat's Blue Hole Sounds studios, that country singer Jeannine Hoke records Sonobeat's 24th 45 RPM single release. In fact, Jeannine's is the final 45 RPM single Sonobeat Records releases.

The "A" side of Jeannine's single (incorrectly listed on the label as PS-122 B) is Your Touch Is Like a Whisper, a catchy country-folk tune featuring guitars, dobro, harmonica, and double-tracked lead vocal. The true "B" side, Let's Get to Houston Today (also listed on the label as PS-122 B), is an urgent but hopeful country ballad, featuring similar instrumentation as the "A" side, but adding a recorder in harmony with Jeannine's vocal. Both songs are Jeannine's compositions.

Jeannine's is the second of only two Sonobeat releases in which a solo artist is listed only by first name on the label; the other is Arma Harper's, released the year before Jeannine's.

The Sonobeat archives hold no additional information about Jeannine or her backup musicians; however, we're aware that Jeannine goes on to record a gospel album, We're Making Memories, in 1982, and her 2001 CD, Here's to the Rest of Your Life, her tribute song to breast cancer survivors. Jeannine's most recent release, in 2013, is the gospel album Country Blessings. She still lives in Central Texas, and there's a little more about her music career at her website.

With the release of Jeannine's Sonobeat single on June 30, 1976, we're almost at the end of the Sonobeat label's story. All that's left is Helmer Dahl's Toe-Tapping Tunes album, which is released a month following Jeannine's single.

Jeannine Hoke personnel

Jeannine Hoke: guitar and vocals
Backing band: unknown

Sonobeat stereo 45 RPM release PS-122 (1976)

"A" side: Your Touch Is Like a Whisper to Me (Jeannine Hoke) • 3:44
"B" side: Let's Get to Houston Today (Jeannine Hoke) • 2:46

Released June 30, 1976* • PS-122
Produced and engineered by Bill Josey
Assisted by Tom Penick
Generic sleeve
Recorded at Sonobeat's Blue Hole Sounds studios, Liberty Hill, Texas, in March or April 1976
Recording equipment: ElectroVoice Slimair 636 microphones, Sony ECM22 electret condenser microphones, Dokorder 7140 quarter inch 4-track tape deck, custom 16-channel 4-bus mixing console, Fairchild Lumiten 663ST optical compressor, Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton 9-band stereo graphic equalizer, custom steel plate stereo reverb, TDK L-1800 tape stock

Vinyl collector information for PS-122

Approximately 1,000 copies pressed
Lacquers mastered and vinyl copies pressed by Wakefield Manufacturing in Phoenix, Arizona
Generic sleeve
Label blanks printed by Powell Offset Services, Austin, Texas
In the dead wax:
   Your Touch Is Like a Whisper To Me: PS-122A and WMEMI-S
   Let's Get to Houston Today: PS-122B and WMEMI-S

Unreleased Sonobeat recordings
There are no unreleased songs by Jeannine Hoke in the Sonobeat archives
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Jeannine Hoke's master tape, recorded on a quarter-inch 4-track Dokorder
Jeannine Hoke's is Sonobeat's final 45 RPM single release