Larry Boyd and Group

Burnet, Texas

Records with Sonobeat in 1976
No commercial releases on Sonobeat Records
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Bill Josey's session notes showing placement of instruments and voice in the stereo spectrum, along with personnel on the recording

It's February 1976, and Sonobeat co-founder Bill Josey Sr. records country artist Larry Boyd and Group (who at the time is performing in Central Texas under the name Coldspring). The sessions are held at Bill's Blue Hole Sounds studio – a converted A.M.E. stone church – just outside Liberty Hill, in the Central Texas hill country 35 miles north of Austin. The only Boyd tapes in the Sonobeat archives are various takes of Sally G and one completed version of Back Home Again, a cover of the John Denver ballad. The archives indicate Sally G is cut specifically as a demo "to render an opinion" about Larry and his group. Sally G is a nice tune written by The Beatles' Paul McCartney and is given a good country-fried performance by Boyd & Group. If Bill follows his standard pattern, we guess that he sends an audiocassette dub of the demo to his A&RArtist & Repertoire exeutives at record labels build and manage a roster of artists, connecting them to new songs and overseeing their recording activities. friends at several national record labels, including Liberty/UA and Columbia, but he must get no interest from any of his contacts, since the Sonobeat archives show no further sessions with Larry.

Bill habitually keeps handwritten session notes, identifying the participating musicians, song composers, and, occasionally, diagramming the stereo position of each instrument in the basic recordings. He often includes notes to himself to aid in overdubs and mix-downs. Almost all of Bill's session notes have been lost or destroyed, but we fortuitously find his notes for Larry's sessions along with a candid snapshot of Larry overdubbing a standard guitar track in the Blue Hole Sounds studio. These tidbits are tucked away in the box holding the Sally G master tape.

After Bill's death in September 1976, Larry rents the church that has housed Blue Hole Sounds from the A.M.E. congregation that owns it, using it for rehearsals and equipment storage between gigs.

Born in Houston, Texas, and a graduate of Burnet High School in Burnet, Texas, about 20 miles west of Liberty Hill, Larry performs with several bands throughout Central Texas during the '70s and '80s and now lives in Nashoba, Oklahoma, where he continues to perform and record. And following the Sonobeat sessions, Larry's written a passel of country songs, including Scottie Jim Beam Me Up and She Left Texas. Larry's bandmate Eddie Farris, also a graduate of Burnet High School, receives his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southwest Texas State University in San Marco, Texas, eventually making a career in the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, working to end homelessness, but as a hobby continues to play drums in rock, country, and swing bands throughout Central Texas until his death at age 62 in June 2012.

Larry Boyd and Group personnel

Larry Boyd: electric and acoustic guitars and vocals
Eddie Fariss: drums
Rick Smith: bass
Bob Spalding: guitar

Unreleased Sonobeat recordings
Sally G (Paul McCartney)
Back Home Again (John Denver)
Produced and engineered by Bill Josey Sr.
Basic instrumental tracks recorded at Sonobeat's Blue Hole Sounds, Liberty Hill, Texas, on February 14, 1976
Vocal overdubs recorded at Blue Hole Sounds on February 22, 1976
Recording equipment: ElectroVoice 665 microphones, ElectroVoice Slimair 636 microphones, Sony ECM22 electret condenser microphones, Dokorder 7140 quarter-inch 4-track tape deck, custom 16-channel 4-bus mixing console, Fairchild Lumiten 663ST optical compressor, Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton 9-band stereo graphic equalizer, custom steel plate stereo reverb, Scotch 207 and TDK L-1800 tape stock
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the quarter-inch 4-track master tape of Sally G
27-year-old Larry Boyd overdubbing standard guitar during a session at Blue Hole Sounds just outside Liberty Hill, Texas
Larry Boyd in his front yard in Burnet, Texas (circa 1976)