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All the acts (bands, combos, duets, and solos) known to have recorded with Sonobeat during the period 1967-1976. indicates a commercial or song demo release on 45 RPM and/or LP. indicates a restored and remastered digital reissue on iTunes, Amazon Music, and more than a dozen other download and streaming services worldwide.

Adobie Flatz
Al & Alec
Austin Blues-Rockers
Bill Miller Group (Cold Sun)
Jim Chesnut
Conqueroo, The
Country Nu-Notes • records under its own name and backs Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn and Joyce Spence
Helmer Dahl
Allen Damron
David Flack Quorum, The
Don Dean
Jess DeMaine
Rick Dinsmore
Fast Cotton
Geneva and Her Gentlemen
Georgetown Medical Band
Arma Harper
Roy Headrick
Jeannine Hoke
Cody Hubach
James Polk and the Brothers
Larry Boyd and Group
Lavender Hill Express
Lee Arlano Trio
Leo and the Prophets
Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Jean Manor (Jean and the Rollettes)
Vince Mariani
Mariani (featuring Eric Johnson)
Michael Stevens IV • never records under its own name but backs Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen
Michele Murphy
Nasty Habit
Fran Nelson
Herman Nelson
New Atlantis
Paul New
Ohio Express
Pall Rabbit
Tom Penick
Pleasant Street Band, The
Plymouth Rock
Ray Campi Establishment
Ronnie and the West Winds
Royal Light Singers, The
Rex Sherry
Shiva's Headband
South Canadian Overflow
Joyce Spence
Thingies, The
Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue • records under its own name and backs Jess DeMaine
Unknown band
Unknown duet
Unknown female singer
Unknown male singer
Tom Van Zandt
Wali and the Afro-Caravan
White Light
Bill Wilson
Johnny Winter
Gary York and Evelyn
Don "Skipper" Young (Collections)

Michael Stevens IV

Who are these guys?

During 1967 and '68, The Michael Stevens IV is the house band at The Embassy Room in The Club Seville in the Sheraton Crest Inn overlooking Austin's Town Lake (now known as Lady Bird Lake), but oddly the band also appears at The Club Seville as The Kings IV. Which name the band uses seems to depend on who's playing bass. When it's Mark Chaney, the band appears to be The Michael Stevens IV; when John McIver is on bass, the band appears to be The Kings IV.

As The Michael Stevens IV, the band backs touring acts appearing at The Club Seville, including Stanton & Peddie, Grady Wilson, Cathy Carter, Patty James, and Sylvia Price. And the band provides able backing for Sonobeat's recordings of solo artists Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen but never records under its own name. It's no coincidence that the combo backs Don and Bach-Yen, since Don manages The Club Seville and Bach-Yen, who performs on multiple occasions at The Club Seville, is introduced to Sonobeat by Don. So, in a way, The Michael Stevens IV is Sonobeat's "house band", too. The band features Phoenix, Arizona-native Michael Stevens (attending The University of Texas for a doctorate in music) on piano, vibes, and trumpet, Mark Chaney on bass violin, Waco, Texas-native Billy West (a government major at The University of Texas) on drums, and Waco-native Ike Ramirez (a Baylor University business major) on trumpet.

Originally formed by Baylor University students (yes, they regularly trek 200 miles round trip from Waco to Austin to perform) and led by pianist Michael Hanson until 1967, when he passes the ivories to Michael Stevens, The Michael Stevens IV a/k/a The Kings IV is not just The Club Seville's house band. As The Club Seville management changes in 1968, the band moves on to regular gigs at The Loser's Club, The Chart Room, The Torch, and Dominque's, all in downtown Austin, and even makes occasional trips to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to perform at the Sheraton Western Skies, most often under the name The Kings IV. The quartet performs on August 11, 1967, at the sixth annual Austin Aqua Festival; the performance precedes the Rio Noche Night Lighted Water Parade on Town Lake, ironically enough, in the shadow of the Sheraton Crest Inn.


All individuals (205) known to have recorded with Sonobeat as part of a band, combo, or duet or as a solo act during the period 1967-1976. Regrettably, missing from the Sonobeat archives are the last names of Al & Alec of the duet by the same name, the names of four acts and their members, and the names of members of Adobie Flatz, Kingfish, The Royal Light Singers, and Vita. indicates the most number of appearances in different acts (two-way tie); indicates the second most number of appearances (eight-way tie). indicates an individual we've confirmed as deceased.

Abston, Jim • Georgetown Medical Band
Alexander, Perkins • The Royal Light Singers
Alford, Emery • The David Flack Quorum
Arlano, Andy • Lee Arlano Trio
Arlano, Lee • Lee Arlano Trio
Arnold, Leonard • Lavender Hill Express and Phoenix
Bakondi, Chuck • South Canadian Overflow
Barnett, Jerry • Shiva's Headband
Blum, Thom • Synthesis
Borth, Frieda • Austin Blues-Rockers and Contraband
Boyd, Larry • Larry Boyd and Group
Brown, Bob • The Conqueroo and Kingfish
Brown, Jim • Lavender Hill Express (guest instrumentalist on Country Music's Here to Stay)
Brown, Leo • Jean Manor
Browning, Misty • Fast Cotton
Bullock, Jimmy • Mariani
Caldwell, Reginald • James Polk and the Brothers
Campi, Ray • Ray Campi Establishment
Chambers, Robert • The Royal Light Singers
Chaney, Mark • The Michael Stevens IV (backing band for Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen)
Chesnut, Jim • solo act and Herman Nelson song demo album
Clark, Jay • Ray Campi Establishment
Cline, Chuck • The Pleasant Street Band
Cobb, Rick • Georgetown Medical Band
Cole, Bob • The Thingies
Dahl, Helmer • solo act
Dalton, John • The Thingies
Damron, Allen • solo act
Davidson, Joe Don • Pall Rabbit
Davies, Al • Austin Blues-Rockers
Dean, Don • solo act backed by The Michael Stevens IV
Dean, Richard • Genesee
DeMaine, Jess • solo act backed by, and also a member of, Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue
DePenning, Layton • Genesee and Lavender Hill Express
Dinsmore, Rick • solo act
Dodge, Rick • Georgetown Medical Band
Dolan, Donnie • Plymouth Rock and South Canadian Overflow
Dorman, Bill • Whistler
Dow, Dwight • Fast Cotton and Sweetarts
Dry, Gary • Nasty Habit
Duffy, Leotis • Geneva and Her Gentlemen
Earthman, Don Ray • The Royal Light Singers
Ellis, Leo • Leo and the Prophets
Ellis, Travis • Leo and the Prophets
Erickson, Donnie • New Atlantis
Fariss, Eddie • Larry Boyd and Group
Flack, David • The David Flack Quorum
Ford, Doke • Austin Blues-Rockers
Franklin Jr., Willie • The Royal Light Singers
Galbraith, Mike • Sweetarts
Galindo, Danny • Base, Fast Cotton, and New Atlantis
Gammage, Ernie • Base, Fast Cotton, Sweetarts
Gant, Jeff • Georgetown Medical Band
Garrett, Jenkins • Whistler
Garrison, Rodney • Phoenix
Garrott, Bob • Country Nu-Notes and Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Gebert, Ralph • Contraband
Gentry, Larry • Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue
Gertz, Carl • Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue
Gilbert, Stanley • Nasty Habit
Grassel, Doug • Ohio Express
Green, Richard • Lavender Hill Express (string arranger and harpsichord on Visions and Trying to Live a Life) and Bach-Yen (string and horn arranger)
Greenwood, Chuck • Georgetown Medical Band and Pall Rabbit
Grimmit, Steve • Pall Rabbit
Guinn, Edward • The Conqueroo
Haeuser, Robert • White Light
Haeuser, Russell "Rusty" • White Light
Hansen, Steve • Contraband
Harmon, Tom • Phoenix
Harper, Arma • solo act
Harrell, David • Base
Harrison, Frank • Plymouth Rock
Haywood, Rod • Leo and the Prophets
Headrick, Roy • solo act
Hemphill, Clay • Pall Rabbit
Hendershott, Debby • South Canadian Overflow
Hickman, Danny • Leo and the Prophets
Hill, Henry • Ray Campi Establishment
Hobren, Michael • White Light
Hoelscher, Kenny • Plymouth Rock
Hoke, Jeannine • solo act backed by Al & Alec
Hubach, Cody • solo act backed by unidentified musicians
Hudgins, Ronnie • Pall Rabbit
Inmon, John • Genesee, Plymouth Rock, and South Canadian Overflow
Jackson, Marva • The David Flack Quorum
Jamison, Danny • Wildfire
Jennings, Donald • James Polk and the Brothers
Johnson, Eric • Base, Mariani, and Pall Rabbit
Joseph, Yvonne • James Polk and the Brothers
Kaigler, Kukla • Pall Rabbit
King, Wali • Wali and the Afro-Caravan
Knott, Bruce • Ohio Express
Kolb, Bill • Mariani
Leatherman, Ronnie • Base
Lewis, Ray • Wali and the Afro-Caravan
Lisenheimer, Alan Lee • Nasty Habit
Love, Randy • Wildfire
Lupo, Don • Georgetown Medical Band
Lynn, Janet • Country Nu-Notes and Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Lyon, Johnny • Country Nu-Notes and Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Manor, A.J. • Jean and the Rollettes
Manor, Jean • Jean and the Rollettes
Marcellus, Gordon • The Thingies
Mariani, Vince • solo act and Mariani (group)
Martin, Donny • Wildfire
Maxwell, Teresa • James Polk and the Brothers
McArthur, Benny • Tommy Hill and the Country Music Revue
McDaniels, Steve • Contraband
McGarrigle, Tom • Bill Miller Group (Cold Sun)
Meade, Jay • Base, New Atlantis, and Don "Skipper" Young
McLaughlin, Paul • Country Nu-Notes and Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Miller, Bill • Bill Miller Group (Cold Sun)
Miller, Larry • The Thingies
Mings, Jim • New Atlantis and Don "Skipper" Young
Mings, Martha • Don "Skipper" Young
Moore, Robert • Wali and the Afro-Caravan
Murphy, Michele • solo act
Murray, J. • Wali and the Afro-Caravan
Nance, Ronald • Wali and the Afro-Caravan
Nelson, Fran • solo act backed by The Michael Stevens IV
Nelson, Herman • solo act backed by various artists
New, Paul • solo act backed by various artists
Nunn, Gary P. • Genesee, Georgetown Medical Band, and Lavender Hill Express
Nye, Larry • Contraband
O'Brien, Derick • Austin Blues-Rockers
O'Haver, Greg • The Pleasant Street Band
O'Malley, Scott • The Pleasant Street Band
Parker, Kenny • Shiva's Headband
Patton, Hugh • Bill Miller Group (Cold Sun)
Peal, Darrell • Mariani
Penick, Tom • solo act
Perskin, Spenser • Shiva's Headband
Perskin, Susan • Shiva's Headband
Phelan, Karol • Herman Nelson song demo album
Pickard, Tim • James Polk and The Brothers
Placker, Jimmy • Country Nu-Notes and Johnny Lyon & Janet Lynn
Podolnick, Jay • Mariani
Polk, Imogene • James Polk and The Brothers
Polk, James • James Polk and The Brothers
Poni, Sam • Lee Arlano Trio
Potter, Jerry • Genesee
Powell, Bill • Leo and the Prophets
Prellop, Larry • Ronnie and The West Winds
Prellop, Ronnie • Ronnie and The West Winds
Prichard, Charlie • The Conqueroo
Proctor, Glenn • Joyce Spence
Ramirez, Ike • The Michael Stevens IV (backing band for Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen)
Rarey, George • Contraband
Rawlins, Geneva • Geneva and Her Gentlemen
Rawlins, Lionel • Geneva and Her Gentlemen
Rector, Bobby • Base
Reed, Bob Tom • Shiva's Headband
Reid, Mike • Base and New Atlantis
Reynolds, Cindy • Bill Wilson song demo album
Rice, Mickey • Country Nu-Notes
Richardson, Johnny • Fast Cotton and Georgetown Medical Band
Robinson, Linda • Whistler
Robinson, Roy • Whistler
Rodriguez, George • Tommy Hill and The Country Music Revue
Rogers, Chuck • Genesee
Schwartz, Eric • Nasty Habit
Schwertner, Johnny • Lavender Hill Express and Plymouth Rock
Shannon, Tommy • Johnny Winter
Shehorn, Bobby Lynn • South Canadian Overflow
Sherry, Rex • solo act backed by unidentified musicians
Siegel, Shawn • Shiva's Headband
Simon, Steve • Pall Rabbit
Smith, Rick • Larry Boyd and Group
Snider, Bob • Georgetown Medical Band
Snider, Kim • Contraband
Spalding, Bob • Larry Boyd and Group
Sparks, Hugh • The David Flack Quorum
Spence, Joyce • solo act backed by County Nu-Notes
Steelman, Scott • Ohio Express and Synthesis
Stevens, Michael • The Michael Stevens IV (backing band for Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen)
Storm, Gerry • The Conqueroo
Sublett, Jesse • Nasty Habit
Sutherland, Stacy • Base
Swisher, Ernie • The Thingies
Taylor, John • James Polk and the Brothers
Thompson, Sylvester • The Royal Light Singers
Thompson, Theo • The Royal Light Singers
Thornton, Randy • Sweetarts
Toungate, Craig • Nasty Habit
Trenchard, Bob • Mariani and Pall Rabbit
Tucker, Phil • Country Nu-Notes
Turner, Uncle John "Red" • Johnny Winter
Van Zandt, Tom • solo act, Fast Cotton, and Sweetarts
Walker, Cato T. • Fast Cotton
Warner, Daniel • Synthesis
Waugh, Mike • Bill Miller Group (Cold Sun), Jim Chesnut, Herman Nelson song demo album, and Bill Wilson song demo album
Weaver, Phil • The Thingies
Weisberg, Steve • Sweetarts
West, Billy • The Michael Stevens IV (backing band for Don Dean, Fran Nelson, and Bach-Yen)
Whitefield, Pat • Fast Cotton, Sweetarts, and Don "Skipper" Young
Whitfield, George • The Royal Light Singers
Wier, Rusty • Lavender Hill Express
Williams, Tom • The Pleasant Street Band
Wilson, Bill • solo act, Mariani, Herman Nelson song demo album, and The Pleasant Street Band
Winner, Doug • Ohio Express
Winter, Johnny • Johnny Winter
Yaryan III, Jess • Lavender Hill Express
Yen, Bach • solo act backed by The Michael Stevens IV
York, Gary • Gary York and Evelyn
Young, Don "Skipper" • Don "Skipper" Young